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A short story for all AOs

Many years ago there was an Emperor who was very honest and very much dedicated to the service of common people of his state. He had one police officer named ‘Policewala’ who was head of police department and a judge named ‘Nyayawala’ who was head of judiciary. Both the officers were also very dedicated to their duties.One day a jeweller’s shop was looted. As soon as Policewala got the information he rushed to the spot and caught the criminals while they were trying to escape to a nebhouring state but looted jewellery could not be recovered from them. They had hidden the looted goods a field. Policewala caned lathis for ten minutes. Ultimately they broke down and accepted the crime and jewellery was also recovered from the field on their tips. They were produced before Nyaywala and after a fair trial of two months they were sentenced with imprisonment of one year. 

One day the Emperor thought that there should be transfer and posting of state officers. He transferred Policewala to judiciary and Nyaywala to police department. After this transfer and posting another businessman was looted. As soon Nyaywala got the information he rushed to the spot and caught the criminals.  Nyayawala  questioned them ‘ Who has committed the crime ?’ One of them said  – ‘We did not commit the crime and we do not have any looted money or goods’.But one of them accepted the crime. Nyaywala immediately warned the criminal ‘Do you know that your acceptance may be used as an evidence against you’ He said ‘No’. Anyway they were produced before Policewala for trial. The Judge immediately asked to produce looted money and goods. Nyayawala submitted that he could not recover anything from them. Policewala immediately asked his guards to cane the criminals with lathis. When canned they accepted the crime. But their lawyer objected to canning inside the court. 

Ultimately the matter was put up before the Emperor. After examining the matter, the Emperor said both the officers had failed to perform their duties since Nyayawala could not recover looted money and Policewala ordered canning without giving any opportunity to the criminals.  So both of them were declared guilty of misconduct under service rules. He asked his ‘Rajguru’ named ‘Purohit’ to punish both of them. Rajguru was a very powerful saint. He cursed all officials of judiciary and police department ‘All of you will become Income Tax Officers whenever you get rebirth on this earth and there will be a Policewala and a Nayaywala inside you.’.

Thus Officers of Income Tax Department are cursed by the Purohit. When an officer becomes AO in a search operation, he has to behave like a policeman and when he is assigned the work of assessments he has to work like judge. So we are suffering from dual personality disorders. Those, who are able to make a balance between the ‘Policewala’ and ‘Nyayawala’, are successful.  But when ‘Nayawala’ is required but ‘Policewala’ (or vice-versa) comes into action it becomes a tragedy.

Moral of the story :- We have both ‘Policewala’and ‘Nyayawala’ inside us but we should be very careful in calling the right person at right point of time.

Sudha B Anand on December 31 2015 21:36:29

Story brought out beautifully with an apt conclusion n with a valuable moral.

Laajawaab Sushilji!!!

rajawika2006 on January 02 2016 00:47:21

Great story ! Told in a very simple way with a useful moral for all assessing officers. Thanks sir.

lathakumar on January 07 2016 18:52:56

Wow!! What a story and perfectly apt too. Sorry I couldn't read it earlier coz of being overburdened with duties of both policewala and nyaywala Smile

avinash kumar on January 07 2016 20:13:28

Very nicely told by effective story what is required from us in our official capacity. Thanks Sushilji

manasrb on February 15 2016 17:28:53

Nice Story Sir..

nka on May 04 2016 15:48:52

Good one with apt references. Thanks Sushils ji

DHARANI NATH on October 16 2016 21:22:26

"We have both ‘Policewala’and ‘Nyayawala’ inside us but we should be very careful in calling the right person at right point of time."

The moral of the story speaks aptly about what all of us face in our careers. Very beautifully narrated Sushil Dixit ji. Hats off to you...

pappuitd on July 28 2018 20:33:00

I am speechless. Such a wonderful narration of the real plight of an assessing officer. Hats off to you sir.

pk_ramakrishnan on January 21 2020 12:08:16

Superb portrayal. So apt. Yes. Every AO should understand his role while functioning. He should use the appropriate tools at the appropriate time. This is very important.

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