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A note on the IndianTrusts Act, 1882   <<CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE

The Indian Trusts Act, 1882 deals with law relating to Private Trusts and Trustees. This Act is not applicable to i) Waqf (an Islamic endowment of property to be held in trust and used for a charitable or religious purpose) ii) Property of a Hindu Undivided Family and iii) Public or private religious as charitable endowments (to deal with Public trusts there is no Central Act but some States have).

Government Accounts and their accounting   <<CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE

Article 266 deals with Consolidated Funds and public accounts of India and of the States and Article 267 deals with Contingency Fund

How laws of British India are in force in independent India?India is a sovereign country.   <<CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE

India is a sovereign country. It has supreme and unrestricted power to make law within the territory of India. India attained its sovereignty when it became independent. Now a question arises as to what about the effect of those laws in independent India which were passed by the His Majesty in Council prior to independence of India? 

What is and how to handle – ‘Parliament Questions’   <<CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE

Asking questions is an inherent and unrestricted democratic right of every Member of Parliament. It is a parliamentary method through which the legislative supremacy over executive actions is exercised.

Why ITRs are so named?   <<CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE

Why all the ITRs, except ITR-1 and ITR-4S, are titled “INDIAN INCOME TAX RETURN”?

Why the word 'Indian' is missing in the IT Act,1961?   <<CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE

The Income Tax Act, 1961, has repealed the Indian Income Tax Act, 1922 [11 of 1922]. Why is the word ‘Indian’ missing from the name of the present Act?

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