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A short sotry
Many years ago there was an Emperor who was very honest and very much dedicated to the service of common people of his state. He had one police officer named ‘Policewala’ who was head of police department and a judge named ‘Nyayawala’ who was head of judiciary. Both the officers were also very dedicated to their duties.One day a jeweller’s shop was looted. As soon as Policewala got the information he rushed to the spot and caught the criminals while they were trying to escape to a nebhouring state but looted jewellery could not be recovered from them. They had hidden the looted goods a field. Policewala caned lathis for ten minutes. Ultimately they broke down and accepted the crime and jewellery was also recovered from the field on their tips. They were produced before Nyaywala and after a fair trial of two months they were sentenced with imprisonment of one year.  

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