Section 54F - Deduction

A person sold a land ((Long Term Capital Asset) ) during F.Y. 2014-15 and purchased another land (Plot A)  to build a residential house, complete sales conisderation was invested in it and claimed deduction u/s 54F. Next year i.e. during F.Y 2015-16 he sold another land (Long Term Capital Asset)  and invested the total sales consideration for consturction of new residential house on Plot A, he claimed deduction u/s 54F next year too. Whether deduction u/s 54F is allowable for two consecutive AYs (All other conditions laid down u/s 54F are satisfied) ?

Section 148 Issue of Notice

In one case notice under section 148 issued on 28.03.2015 for AY 2008-09. The notice was returned unserved. On 31st March Inspector was sent to serve the notice but could not locate the address. Whether the proceedings should be dropped ?

Returns not e-filed u/s 139

Whether returns filed u/s 142(1), 148,153A, 153C are processed by CPC, Bangalore ?

Certificate u/s 65B of Indian Evidence Act

An AO was asked to give certificate u/s 65B of Indian Evidence Act.

Assessment in case of an assessee who died

How to assess a legal heir in case of assessee died before the start of assessment proceedings and during the assessment proceedings - care that should be taken in these assessments